I have been ttc for years. In September I moved to a different state due to work and my BF had to stay behind. I usually have a 26 day cycle - this last cycle was 31 days. In Dec his mother passed away and we were together for a week just as I was due to ovulate. A week before AF was due to start my temp dipped just as I was going on Christmas vacation. I was sure AF was about to arrive so I quit temping. AF, or what I think was AF, did not show up until 7 days later (my AF always starts within 2-3 days of my temp dips). When it did show up it was lighter than normal. My AF is usually light the 1st day, a VERY heavy flow the 2nd day, and light the third day with occasional spotting for one to two days after that. This time AF was very light the 1st day, light the 2nd day, and almost nothing the 3rd day. A week before AF came I started having occasional bouts of nausea and more frequent urination. I am now 2 weeks past my "maybe AF" and am still experiencing the bouts of nausea and frequent urination.

On the other hand I have been under high stress for the last few months due to the move, a new job, and being away from my BF.

I really really want to be pregnant but I am afraid to POAS to find out I am once again NOT pregnant.

What do you think?? Could I be pregnant or is it just stress induced nausea??