1 - We DTD 5 days before O date (which could be off by a day or two since I was running a fever the entire time and had to estimate my temps until the day AFTER my normal O date). We also DTD 3 days after O date so that really doesn't matter in this case. But has ANYONE ever gotten pregnant by DTD 5 days before O? Rarely, right? If at all?

2 - I feel different than this time last cycle. Cramping, which I actually didn't have any of last cycle. Not even during AF! It was the most pleasant AF ever. But I felt crampy around O (which was normal) and then ever since I have felt twinges and cramping. Right now I feel cramping as I type this!

3 - I went to the bathroom half an hour ago and was spotting. Kind of like mixed with CM, which was between EWCM and creamy. I rarely spot mid-LP like this and after looking at my charts from before I got pregnant with DD I never spotted mid-LP (not even when I was pregnant with her). What does mid-LP spotting mean? I am either 5, 6 or 7 DPO today (since I'm not sure when O actually was).

Why am I feeling like maybe somehow we actually did get pregnant this cycle? DF will be slightly annoyed I'm sure...but he's been telling me ever since he didn't use a condom that one time that he knows he should have but just didn't want to So he knows it's all on him if I ended up pregnant before we wanted to start TTC!