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    Hopefully I didn't miss a thread or anything but today is testing day for kemommy so I wanted to check in
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    Thanks for checking in! AF showed up on 1/5 so not pregnant this month. Which I am ok with, it's only our first month ttc and I feel it will happen when the time is right I was really relieved when it finally came because the waiting was killing me!! And since it was my first month off BC I was unsure about what my cycle would be like but now hopefully I know (as long as it's regular). Kind of annoying that my cycle is a bit long, but oh well what can you do?
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    sorry but I wish you the best next cycle!!! GL!

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    Oh bummer ! (((Hugs)))...hoping next cycle is it for you!! GL...***baby dust***

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    Thanks to you both!
    DD 1 (6), DD2 (4), DS (2), MC 7/13

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