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Thread: red pimply rash w/ AF's return?

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    Default red pimply rash w/ AF's return?

    So AF came back a few days ago - and right when it came back, DD2 developed this red pimple-like bumps. Started on her back now it's moving around to the front of her trunk and her neck as well. NO other symptoms - no fever, acting fine, nothing. It looks a lot like the roseola rash but I would have expected a fever with that. Wasn't sure if anyone else had this happen - I'm wondering if maybe it's just hormonal changes in my milk because of AF's return.
    Luckily, for once, she has her well-visit at the doc tomorrow. So good timing there...

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    My daughter had real bad acne when I breastfed her and they told me it was hormones.i only breastfed her for a month nd when I stopped her face cleared up. Definitely check with her dr tomorrow.

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