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Thread: Increase supply on one side?

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    Hey everyone. I am new here for this child. Just had Jackson on 12/10 and things were slow going when we started nursing. I had sore nipples and he wasn't opening fully. We got past that and he is gaining weight like a champ now, but he favors my right side and I would like to increase the supply in my left. If I just pump that side after every feeding will that increase my supply? Should I start on the left every time to get a better letdown?

    I also need to start stocking up for outings when I am not feeding him as DH and I have a couple dates coming up in January and February. Should I just pump after every feeding for that? I feel very clueless for this being my second child.

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    Pump everytime and continue to try to latch him on the left side. DS always wanted the right side, too. I think my nipple was easier for him to latch on. I continued to introduce the left breast and eventually he caught on. I want to say it didn't take long.

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    I think most women have a better side. As long as he is nursing on it I wouldn't worry. Pumping after and always starting on that side might balance it out some. To build a stash, pick one time a day and try to always pump at that time. I preferred just after our first session in the morning. Your body will get used to pumping at that same time everyday. Overall, my advice is to not get caught up in pumping. You have enough going on without adding that in at all different times. Do you leak a lot on the other side while nursing? I used Milk Savers this time and got plenty for bottles that way.

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    My right boob was always called the appetizer or dessert. It was never the main course! She loved the left one. I would try pumping on the side he doesn't care much for while he is nursing on the other. It helps with let down. And try pumping in the morning. That's when your supply is the best.

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    I am having the same issue with my left side! I am going to try to start with lefty for most feedings and see if that helps.

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