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Thread: I'm getting sick a lot!

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    Default I'm getting sick a lot!

    Wow, I have not been here in forever! I am in need of your knowledge. Kaylee is about 18 months now, still nursing all.the.time. She is a major comfort nurser. All day, all night, tho nights are getting better. I sleep while she nurses at night.
    The thing is, I have been getting sick this season, I never really get over the last one before another comes on. I think I feel another one coming on today, just barely starting to get over the last. This will be the 4th one this season! I normal never get sick, one or maybe twice a year!
    I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my nutrients depleted? Is this possible? both my kids either do not get the sickness, or get a runny nose, so they are fairing much better than me. Maybe I'm not eating enough?

    The thing is, I don't dare take multi vitamin anymore, my dd is has seizures, and while the drs think I'm nuts, every time I start on a multi supplement of some sort, 3 days later she has a seizure.

    So I don't really know what to do. I'm taking elderberry, echinacea, olive. I don't want to keep getting sick, it's miserable, and I can't be a good mom. I really don't want to wean yet.

    Any thoughts?

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    Is your kid in daycare? I have had the same problem, and my DD is almost 14 months. I think the evil germs they bring home, combined with the lack of sleep and the additional demands on our bodies from making milk just make us more susceptible. The good news is, all those antibodies we create really help our LO's immune systems! I don't know that there is anything we can do, except try to take good care of ourselves, get extra sleep whenever we can, and try to hold out until this phase passes.
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    No daycare for either of them. I now have a fever, I can't even remember the last time I had a fever, I was a kid!

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    What about doing saline rinses like with a nasopure or a nettipot?

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    How about probiotics instead of a multivitamin? I know it's not the same, but I have a dog who's epileptic and I swear there are certain triggers. You aren't taking any rosemary anything correct? It's a big trigger for Epi pups. Could be the same in humans. Not sure what else could be in the multivitamin that could cause it. How about increasing vitamin C or taking airborne or something like that?

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    I would be very concerned that you aren't taking a multivitamin while you have been nursing for so long. Do you eat VERY well (10+ servings of a variety of colorful fruits/vegetables a day)? Have your tried a vitamin made from whole foods instead of made in a lab? My friend had two kids in three years and nursed them both for at least a year (and she always had a ton of milk). She then fractured her foot and it took forever to heal because her calcium was so depleted from the two kids and breastfeeding. She had to go on very high doses of Calcium and Vitamin D just to get the bone to heal and it took about 6 months.

    So, yes I do think that it is possible that you are continually sick because of nutrient depletion.
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    Thank u all for your replies!
    I do use a netti pot, just not all the time.
    No rosemary. I have taken emergency when I feel something coming on, but not for very long, for I fear it will cause a seizure. And no I am not taking a probiotic for the same fear.
    And Jessica, everything you said is what I'm thinking. For the most part I eat great, I try to eat primal/paleo. Come this holiday season all I wanted was stupid homemade sweets bc they were in the house. And I was not eating as much as I should. Now the holidays are over, I have re made my healthy eating commitment with hoping to add an extra meal getting at least 2500 calories in a day. That's hard tho!

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