my last period started on the 9th of November and lasted about a week. me and my boyfriend were having unprotected sex and he was releasing in me the next month around that time when my period didn't come i took a test that was negative so i just assumed i was a little late. few weeks later i had some cramping as if i was gonna start but i only lightly spotted for 2 days then it stopped i had some more cramping a few days later and felt as if i started i went to the bathroom and wiped and there was enough blood to make me think i started i used a tampon and later on that night when i went to change before bed and pulled it out and there was only some brownish/reddish spots on the tip and nothing else so i put on a pad and went to sleep when i woke up there was no blood i took another test that night it was also negative. since that day i have had some cramping but no spotting or blood when i wipe. i also sometime randomly feel sick but never enough to throw up and i've noticed an increase in saliva in my mouth. I've also been really constipated the last few weeks (which is not normal i'm usually very regular) and have gas. i also feel funny in my lower belly. the usual emotional and pms i go through before my period i haven't had. except for the mood swings and there way more intense than usual. i just wanna know are these valid symptoms of pregnancy or could it be my own mind playing tricks on me. I don't know i'm young and confused and scared out of my mind and feel like when i try to talk to my family about it they dismiss my fears cause of the past two negative test . i just need someone to talk to.