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Thread: I could use some advice for helping Kai

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    Default I could use some advice for helping Kai

    I fear he is showings signs of adhd. He cannot complete a task without several reminders. If I ask him to go brush his teeth, he will get distracted on the way there and I will find him playing in his room. Or he will go in and go potty, come back out, and when I ask if he brushed his teeth he will say that when he got there, he forgot why he was there. It takes him 20 minutes to get ready to leave the house as I have to remind d him of each step several times. The other part of that is that, say, he is eating and his plate is off to the side so crumbs are spilling all over and I ask him to move his plate under him. He will stare into space and I have to repeat myself several times that usually results in me raising my voice which I do not like to do.

    The second issue is that he chews on things. Anything. The kitchen table, pens and pencils, books, yesterday I caught him licking the salt build up off the van. He is too old to be exploring things with his mouth. I have told him several times that this is dangerous and inapprpriate but he cannot seem to help himself.

    Kai is such a great kid. Eager to please and generally very sweet natured, smart, and just awesome. I do have few ideas of my own but wanted to come here where I always get great advice. What are some ways I can help him modify these behaviors without being punitive?
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