in 1 more day it'll be 2 weeks since me and my partner had sex. everyday ive been having sometimes white kinda gooey kinda stuff in my underwear, im not sure of the name of it but thats the best i can describe it. ive been cramping and they feel like period cramps but my period never comes. today my cramps were bothering me so much in class today and i didn't even wanna get up. my back has also been hurting. when me and my partner had sex we didnt use protection. he didn't cum in me but i heard pre-cum can get a girl pregnant but its not as likely. i took a test a few days ago and it said i was not pregnant but i felt like it was too early to take a test but i couldn't wait. before the night we had sex i cant remember my period coming, i thought my period would've came after that night but it didnt and its already the next month. could i be pregnant??