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    So, I got my BFP today! Yippie! (any of my FB friends, please no FB comments) I am super clueless as to my EDD though, as I have never been good at all the stuff you all know so much about with charting, testing, and calculating.

    I am still BFing DS (2yrs end of this month), and I got AF for the first time since he was born November 23rd (I know, I know...I am super lucky - no period for so long). Then I bled again exactly two weeks later for about 5 days.

    I use these every month (since we don't use protection, and I hadn't got my period back yet):

    I am thinking I should do another kind of test (the expensive drug store kind) tomorrow to be sure...what do you think?

    Also, what would you say my EDD is?

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    Based on LMP your EDD is 8/29/13

    I'm soooo excited for you!!!!

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    Hello!!!! Thanks, me too!

    So, you would go by the November 23rd date as LMP? Should I buy another test for the morning?

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    Ya I would go my the 23rd date and call your doc to get an US and they can date it. Maybe the bleeding you had 2 weeks after was implantation bleeding? And if it were me, I'd buy like 20 more tests lol...but I'm crazy lol!

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    omg!!!!! congrats Jessica!!!!!!!
    Karen (28), DF (28), DD (3), DS (2 months)

    Beanpop's Fluffy Butt Diapers *GRAND RE-OPENING 3/13*

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    I would go by the last bleeding you had too btw.
    Karen (28), DF (28), DD (3), DS (2 months)

    Beanpop's Fluffy Butt Diapers *GRAND RE-OPENING 3/13*

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    Thanks! I will call OB on Monday!

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