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Thread: False Faint Positive on Dollar Tree HPT?

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    Question False Faint Positive on Dollar Tree HPT?

    I am 2 days late today. DH and I accidentally DTD a couple days into my fertile time because I got slack in my NFP tracking this past cycle, so 3-4 days before ovulation... Anyways, today I took a Dollar Tree test with non-FMU (but it was pretty concentrated nonetheless, didn't look diluted) and by 3 minutes had a definite looking faint positive. The dye had settled by that point (the 3 minute mark) and it definitely did NOT look like an evap line. I took a picture of it while still in the 10 minute window of time but the pic came out pretty blurry.

    Dollar Tree tests have always been very accurate for me (BFN when not preg/ BFP when preg) but I know I've heard of other people getting false positives on them, so I am wondering what others thoughts on the accuracy of these tests are.

    DH is probably going to pick up a pack of FRER on his way home from work tonight- I just am feeling anxious so came on here

    Here's the pic, the line was much more obvious in person but I took a bad pic of it:
    photo (1).jpg

    This is the same pic but I played with the lighting and whatnot:
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