I am so nervous...I think DD3 may have a fused labia. I was examining down there during a diaper change today (she had a previous surgery and I was seeing if part of it had healed) and the opening of her vag is not fully open. It is in kind of 2 parts with the middle touching Is that considered a fused labia and if so please tell me there is no surgery involved!

When she was born, some of you may remember, she had what is called an analplasty. Her anal opening was too close to her vagina and it had to be moved. The surgery did not involve her vag at all it was just the anus. It was a fairly minor surgery but I was a nervous wreck and a complete mess. She was only 2 weeks old I feel so badly that she has so many problems in that area!

So is what I am describing a fused labia and if so is it fixed surgically? Anyone have experience with this? I have read it's fairly common.