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Thread: Who wants to lose weight? Gain muscle? Maintain nutrition??

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    Default Who wants to lose weight? Gain muscle? Maintain nutrition??

    I can help you!! I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks!! Average is 10-20 pounds per month. No diet fads, diet pills, etc. Let me help you!!!
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    I really need to lose at least 20 lbs though 30 lbs would be fantastic. Back story I was 120-125 most of 2007 128 lbs in late 2007. In early November 2007 I got pregnant with Cody I was 128 lbs 5'1''. When I was 14 in 2003 I had lost 26 lbs going from 146-120 with slim fast. Fast Forward to July 2008 I was 182 2 days after Cody was born. Six weeks PP I was 153. My weight stayed the same even with BCP until I suffered from PDD I went up to 160-165. Exercised, walked, etc May 2009 I was back down to 150-155. June 2009 Mirena inserted back up to 165. Ten months later April 2009 up to 170-175 . June 2010 Mirena removed down to 160 by December 2010. Late-Feb Early March Pregnant with Sophia 168 First weigh in. My weight stayed until 5 months pregnant 171. Went on a diet for GD during pregnancy down to 165 at induction November 2011. WIC appointment 150.8 lbs woot woot December 2011. Tubal ligation surgery post opt visit 153 January 2012. Ten Weeks PP 153 visit from Family doctor to discuss anxiety. Anxiety medicine 157 in March 2012. Current weight 173. Now I'm on wellburtin and I'm weaning off Presitiq sp? I got off the anxiety medicine in June or July due to weight gain. I also have a thyroid problem. My levels are currently normal.
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