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    So, Nathan has discovered (and learned to say) "trash." He gets the biggest kick out of throwing away his own diapers when we change him. The only problem is he wants to do so as soon as we've wiped him off and not wait to get a dry/clean diaper on him, so getting the dry/clean diaper on is a struggle. He also has learned, although not very proficiently, to wipe his nose and throw away the tissue. He loves to find "trash" and throw it away. Now, the only problem is, what he decides to throw away is not always trash. Before we realized what he was doing with them, he had put two of Katie's Lincoln Logs that she got for Christmas in the trash. LOL We were able to fish them out, of course, but now we have to watch what he's putting in there.

    He is just learning and doing new things left and right. He loves to go get his diaper and wipes when we tell him to and he'll put the diaper in the trash and the wipes back in the bin we keep the diaper/pull-up change supplies in. He will act on simple directions (when he wants to, of course). DH is concerned that he's not saying more words than he is, but personally I think he's fine. He doesn't say a lot of things that someone else would actually recognize, but he's trying. He says car, hot, eat, on, up, eye, trash, he calls his mommy ma-ma and his daddy da-da (not just saying the sounds, but actually calling mommy and daddy ma-ma and da-da). He says gorilla, but no one other than us would ever be able to tell that's what he's saying. It's really funny to WATCH him saying it, the way he gets his tongue rolling around on his lips. He has just begun saying "di" for diaper, too. He's only 16 months old and he WAS born 5 1/2 weeks early, as well as being tiny for his gestational age due to IUGR.
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