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Thread: Anal Retention and Toddlers

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    Default Anal Retention and Toddlers

    Wondering if anyone has had any issues with their kiddos and bathroom habits. My DS who is 4.5 has had pooping issues from the time he was just a baby.. We have been through it all .. pumping his legs as an infant to help relieve him.. clear up to when he was older seeing a Chiropractor.. He is potty trained and has only ever had one accident (we trained at age 3) He seemed to have had the issue resolved to the most point for awhile but is regressing .. wondering if this regression is due to the new baby? (DD was born on 11/3/12) .. Any input or suggestions on dealing with this would be great!!
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    I know children can regress with a new baby but, I am not so sure about the anal retention. I wonder does he seem anxious to go #2? Does he complain about pain?

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    Lily has been our problem pooper since she was about 2. The older she gets the better she is doing, especially since PTing...but she still has issues. She doesn't go as often as my other kids so it is always bigger and harder to get out. We still do Miralax often, to help keep things flowing. It does suck...I'm sorry, I hope your DS is doing better again soon.

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