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    I will be touring a preschool for DS, who will be 4.5 when he starts. I'm wondering what questions to ask...I have thought of some, but want to make sure I don't overlook any. TIA

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    I would want to know what they do for k garten prep. When I have looked at preschools (years ago for my oldest). I felt best about those that answered most of my questions before I even asked. A good program director should have a lot to share with you about what they do and why they do it.

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    I asked a little while ago and got some good answers:

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    Biggest one for me is child/teacher ratio. A friend of mine found out that her preschool was advertised as 'licensed' so she was shocked that there were 28 kids and 2 teachers, further investigation she discovered that the teachers were 'licensed' ECE'ers but the preschool program its self was not licensed. Big let down. Also, I would make sure they have a strict pickup/drop off policy where they ID anyone other than yourself/SO picking up your child. Also, a major deciding factor for me when I was debating between two preschools is one had an awesome 'no junk food' policy. They are not even allowed juice for a snack, no processed foods allowed, no cupcakes/cookies for birthday parties, (they do other special activities to celebrate). I would be annoyed if it was somebody's birthday every week and were loading up on junk food all the time. Those were the major ones for me... I really dont care about the academics at this age, I teach her what I think she needs to know at home, dd is learning so much just in the social aspect of being away from me and in a school setting. So safety and her health/happiness was my biggest concern when sending her to preschool!

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