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    I am wondering what you ladies use for solution with your cloth diaper wipes. I bought a bottle of Thirsties brand wipe spray, and a bottle of California Baby wipes spray. Both of these bottles were around the $10 mark, which got me wondering how pricey it would be to make my own. Or should I just use clear water? I like the calming ingredients in both sprays (Olivia frequently had diaper rashes) but have heard that clear water works just as well. I will be a newbie at cloth diapering so I wanted to pop in and ask. TIA!!
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    at the moment, I just use warm water. I have used soap bits from ruby moon, and these:

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    For pee i use warm water. I have a stash of small microfiber towels that are my wipes. For poop, i put water and soap on one towel and warm water on the other. I wipe the poopy butt with the soapy towel and follow up with clean water towel. That is what I do before he goes to bed if we did not give him a bath that day. Once i started using this system, he stopped having diaper rashes. We use sposies for long outside trips (seventh generation from amazon) with disposable wipes.
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    I bought foaming bottles and put 5-7 pumps of their baby soap in there and fill it up with water. I used to but a little bit of oil in there too but stopped and have not really noticed a difference.
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    I use a solution of witch hazel, water, couple squirts of soap, tbs of oil, few drops lavender oil.

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    We always just used water. Worked really well!
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