Yup. 39 weeks. Twin girls they guesstimated at 7ish lbs at 37 weeks. (US are always off but that just sounded like so much baby!)

I am tired. I've had ctrx for days with nothing and them stopping. Ctrx start - Yoga ball. Ctrx start - treadmill. Ctrx start - Nip Stim. Can't DTD as DH is deployed. Spicy food just made me throw up all night. Oh wait - I throw everything up now. Today all I had was a granola bar and a milk shake and up it came...ick!

Was told on Wednesday I was at 4cm...got stripped and then had my first NST. Had lots of ctrx. Babies are all healthy. Went in today for a repeat NST at the Dr's request and again they are all fine but he checked me and said I was barely a fingertip dilated! WTHeck?! I UNdilated!?

So I had him strip me again today. Had some cramping at nap time, a few ctrx before but now nothing. *sigh*

Both my singletons came at 5 and 6 days early...so what the heck are these two waiting for?!