If you and your DH/SO take your two kids (older on 6-8 yo, younger one around 2.5 yo) to a playground and your younger has a pee accident whereby she pees all the landing on one level and it streaks down to the lower level, WWYD with respect to the pee? Would you clean it up or would you pick your children and go away? (The parents' car was parked close by.) Again there are 2 adults. The playground was very busy and there were plenty of children around the pee.

I realize that parents assume the risk of unsanitary conditions at playground equipment due to the fact that it is in the open, public, used by little people, but I would like to know what you, as a parent, would do in this situation. Personally, I would get wipes from my car or ask people around me for wipes. Personally, I would feel that I have no excuse for cleaning the pee since my DH is there with just 2 kids while I can go grab something from the car. If I don't have wipes in the car, I would ask all the moms at the playground since moms tend to have those handy (There were a dozen of us there and I had wipes in my diaper bag; chances are other moms had wipes too). I cleaned it not because I am the nicest of people but because my kids like to play in that area.