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    Both my boys (3 and 1) are still in diapers. Connor is potty training and spent all day in big boy underwear until his nap when I put a diaper on him. When he woke up he had messed his diaper and had a rash. There was no sign of it earlier in the day. Then before bed we changed Leo and has a bad rash as well. Again, no sign of it earlier in the day. I'm assuming it is something they ate since they both got it but the only thing I can think of that they both ate that was different was chocolate. They are allowed to have it (no allergies or anything) but with the big potty training push and surplus in the house from Christmas they have been eating more than usual (which still only amounts to a few Hershey kisses a day). Does chocolate cause rashes? What are big trigger foods I might be forgetting that they may have eaten? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    FYI, they normally don't get rashes, we've been lucky like that. When they have gotten them on rare occasions we put on cream and its usually gone in a day. We use disposable diapers, so no reaction to detergent. Any other questions just ask.
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    Acidic foods like oranges used to do that to DD2. Are they new packs of diapers?

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    My boys only get a rash when they eat pineapple or oranges, especially if they eat a ton. I still give it to them, since they love it, but I try to limit the amount. They do not get rashes to chocolate, but I don;t know if it could cause issues.

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    My guys also only get redness from oranges. I have found that is it comes on quickly (and leaves quickly with cream). If they were eating chocolate other days and did not have a rash, I would doubt it's the chocolate. If it happens every time they have a couple kisses then i would be suspicious.
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