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Thread: name poll! - Boy

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    Default name poll! - Boy

    This is not set in stone, but I am leaning toward it. But so far we are going with Conrad if baby is a boy. I've thought about it enough times that my heart has accepted it and likes it now. Dh is happy.
    For middle names, I am undecided between Charles which is my dads name or Martin which is my dad's brothers name. Martin passed away tragically in his early 20's, both him and my dad were very close growing up. I am torn between which one goes nicer with Conrad. Dad is still alive and would be thrilled if we used his name, I think! So what do you think??

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    I'm no help, I think both names sound equally as good with Conrad, with Conrad Charles maybe slightly ahead

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    I think Conrad Martin sounds cool. I might have a biased opinion because I have an uncle Martin.

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    I like the sound of Conrad Martin better.
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    I think Charles sounds better but they are both nice!
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    Why not both?
    I wanted to give G both my dad's name (Alan) and my DH's name (Edward) as his middle names and opted to go with just DH's name. I've wished ever since that I did both as I'd originally wanted and where both your choices have so much meaning I think both would be lovely.

    Or I voted for Charles because to me it sounds better with Conrad.

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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies! And thanks for voting! I do like the sound of Conrad Martin a tad more I think. Hmmm Conrad Martin Charles. I DO like that! I will see what Dh thinks. I am very close to my dad and he's such an excellent, involved grandpa so the thought of using his name means more to me. Though I've never met my uncle Martin, it would be nice to use his name as tribute as both my mom and dad's family knew him very well before he died.

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    I voted Conrad Martin but I think it will be a girl
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    I like Martin better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanyachap View Post
    I voted Conrad Martin but I think it will be a girl
    hahaha honestly, so do I. Only because I've had one daughter for 4.5 years so we are in girl mode. Having a little boy in the house would be a complete shock to me!!!

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    Dh doesn't like two middle names... hm!! Back to trying to decide!!

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    Love Conrad Martin! I wanted Lino's middle name to be Martin so bad for 2 resons. Martin is my Grandfathers original last name before he changed it to Martinez waaaaaay back in the day to come to the US. and 2 I'm a bit of a Depeche Mode geek and love Martin Gore. But I got shot down on that

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    I really do love the sound of Conrad Martin, moreso than Charles I think. Even though Charles has much more sentimental value to me. And the poll is just about exactly 50/50!

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    I like Conrad Martin

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    Charles seems to be ahead now! Here is my futuristic thinking.... After a lot of thought, I do prefer the sound of Conrad Martin more. In my mind, Conrad and Martin are both similar in a way that they 'fit well' and go together. Charles is a 'softer' name in my opinion. We want to have one more baby after this one... IF they are both boys (and I know thats a humongous IF) I have already decided on naming him Cohen (my mind makes big leaps, I can't control it! haha) Cohen Charles sounds so good together!
    I don't know though, I may decide on Conrad Charles at the last minute!! because I may regret not using my Dad's name, should this baby be our only son. I would rather honour someone alive than gone....
    Its fun to see the poll! Thanks for voting!

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