We had visitation today, a different day than usual, because of Christmas. We had it planned out for two weeks I think, which day it would be and what time...same goes for next week. Mom didn't show today. I wish we knew why. Part of me worries and wonders if she's okay. No one had heard from her and while we had a different social worker (the foster care manager) doing the visit today there were no messages left for the usual social worker either. I wonder if she's just forgotten because she seems like the kind of person who often has big plans and all the right intentions and struggles to execute them. I also wonder though if she's sad because of Christmas and she just couldn't face it today. Weird thing is, at every other visit she's been right on time if not early and very eager to see baby girl. She made a comment a few weeks ago indicating that she was already having some trouble with her medication and she was mostly taking them so I suppose that could always be a factor too.

It all makes me nervous with court coming up Jan 29th. That's the day we get the answer on the petition and since we really don't know who it is we're going in blind. I think mom's chances aren't looking great now especially but this other person could have a great chance of getting her...we just don't know. Anyone know how many times something like this happens before visits are suspended or before it becomes an issue? I got the impression today that with it being a different visit than usual because of the holidays they weren't thinking it was a big deal but again, different than our usual social worker. Also, we talked to mom about it last week and told her it would be a different day and she said she realized that since our usual visit would be on Christmas Eve and the office would be closed. So...I feel like she was really aware of it and we got a verification call on Friday to make sure those times were good so they could call birth mom and let her know....it's just weird.

Also, she has a two year old who is in care of some kind. I'm not sure if he's foster or kinship but, knowing that they would like to keep the siblings together if possible, we wondered if it would be weird or inappropriate to mention that we would be happy to have the boy with us as well if he needed somewhere to go. We aren't saying this because we're so desperate to keep baby girl that we would take him too, but because it seems like going home isn't all that likely for either of them and it would be sad if they were separated and didn't have to be. We met him last week at visitation and he was so cute and sweet and talked to us and of course we don't know if he has any behavioral issues or anything else and would have to discuss it further but it's something we've discussed in case the situation was presented to us, and we decided we'd take him if asked. Is that something we should tell the SW or just keep to ourselves unless the situation arises? I don't want it to seem like we're just trying to take kids left and right.