It has been very quiet in here lately. How is everyone? I hope that life has been fairly normal for you all.

My DH has received a job offer in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia so we will be moving this summer. Since we live in Chicago this will be a big change! We are also expecting a baby in July and do think that all my miscarriages were caused by someone else's laundry products who lived in our condo building (we shared washers and dryers). Every single of my allergy symptoms immediately disappeared after I washed all my clothes once we had moved out. At the time I was still having asthma attacks up to four times a day even though I was on a high does of oral steroids and three preventive medications. The next step would have been hospitalization for asthma which I have never needed before in my life.

We are looking forward to a new season in our lives. My DH has been working a long time toward a permanent faculty position.