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Thread: Is it time to take a test?! please help me :( ?!

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    So I recently posted a thread about my symptoms. I'm now 2-3 days late for AF, my breasts are super swollen and tender, and my bras are super tighter. One of the nipples look bigger and open I don't know how to describe it. My apologies if TMI. My back is aching even more, and my headaches are lasting almost all day. I have taken a nap almost everyday. And today, I feel kinda sorta bad but not really. But I snapped on a cashier at the mall. My pants are not fitting. I'm sicker, I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or flu. OH! and I had a weird discharge. It wasn't implantation bleeding, I don't know if this is an infection or a sign of pregnancy but when I wiped it had a not very yellow, but a tad bit & whiteish sorta cloudy color to it but no odor or burning or itching. also my right abdomen has been cramping for almost a two weeks now. Can someone please give me an honest opinion?
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