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Thread: Bleeding x 6 days, 4-5 weeks since lmp, hcg levels almost tripling????

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    Question Bleeding x 6 days, 4-5 weeks since lmp, hcg levels almost tripling????

    I've read a lot of SIMILAR strories but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything closer. I was due for my period 8 days ago, lmp was 11/19, have only 24 day cycle. I had a hpt positive 9 days ago (and plenty more since lol). I am 31 and mc'd in 09 & was then dx'd with advanced endometriosis. Told in 2010, conception close to impossible. I have a 7 yr old daughter. born in 2005 (lot was different when I was 24!) I've had 2 d&c's and one lap.

    I spotted one pink spot Sunday, one red spot Monday, then started bleeding Tuesday am. Bleeding gor a lot worse after transvaginal u/s at ER and I bled consistently (period like flow) for 2 whole days. Bleeding quit for half day Thursday, same day went back to er for comparative hcg blood level. I already knew I was miscarrying Bc of the blood and Bc it happened in 2009. So I was VERY confused when er told me my hcg levels almost TRIPLED! From 85 on Tuesday (when regular period like bleeding started) to 229 on Thursday (2 days later.) Same day- my pregnancy symptoms reemerged. Nausea, exhaustion, sore painful nipples.

    Now it's 2 days later, and I've read everything I can find Bc I just want to prepare myself for the result. But I can't get an idea of what's more likely! The dr said since levels are still growing they won't know anything for sure until they can see something on u/s. I won't be far along enough for that for at least 2 weeks. And I don't think I want another vag u/s- dont want to hurt possible baby, & have a tilted uterus and dropped ovary, so they are invasive and painful! So I'd have to wait even longer to view thru belly u/s. They already checked for ectopic.

    Im staying positive and know that whatever gods plan is, it will all work out...however Someone please tell me anything that might help me figure this craziness out? Lol
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    I've got nothing but I didn't want to read and not respond! Good luck momma! I also have advanced endo, a lap, and a D&C from my miscarriage right before this pregnancy. Anything is possible and lots of people have a period and go on to have normal pregnancies.

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    I bled heavily and dr and I were sure I was misscarryinh with my 3rdbaby, but an ultrasound showed a spot of pooled blogs in the uterus, which was never completely defined, but assumed to be a sub chorionic hemorrhage. The pregnancy continued normally after that. Bleeding is not as abnormal in pregnancy a many people believe.

    Since your hcg levels are rising,i think you can remain positive! I don't believe there is any more risk to the baby during a transvaginal u/s than abdominal, though I can understand wanting to avoid it from a comfort stand point. You might be able to pick up the heart tones as early at 10wks with a doppler before you can see baby on an abdominal u/s.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much for your replies! Runningmomofmany- that's the 2nd time I've read about ppl going on to have fine pregnancy and the bleeding origin never being explained. Crazy but I'll take good crazy lol.

    Has anyone ever heard of whether the bleeding could be from some thing on the ovary thats filled with blood? The radiologist didn't call it a cyst but I guess that's what it would be? Just "saw something on left ovary, but that was blood" <--according to er nurse. Also only pain I've had has been in left ovary as well. Like pinching & twisting pain. Like endo pain but worse than usual but nothing I can't handle. I've had endo for 3+ yrs, hear me roar lol. Idk if you can even have blood leave thru the cervix and vagina if it's from an ovary, but he SAID there was blood there, and I am actively passing blood, so...


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