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    Default I did it: Goal #1 :)

    I finally lost the baby weight It would have been 2 months ago if it wasn't for that stupid hurricane Sandy!

    I gained 30lbs with DD3 and it's gone now but I am not done yet. I had gained 15lbs before getting pregnant so that is my next goal.

    I have never lost the baby weight this quickly! With DD1 it took well over a year and I never fully lost all of it. I gained 45lbs and lost 38 before getting pg with DD2. With her I gained 35lbs and lost it by her 1st birthday. I then proceeded to gain 15lbs over the next year. I spent 9 months on weight watchers trying to lose it and gained and lost a few pounds ending up at the exact same weight that I started at :/

    Last year I started a low carb diet and it started to work! Then I got pg with DD3

    So that is where I am now. Definitely no more pregnancies so I am ready to get my body back for good. My first goal was to lose the baby weight by xmas and that is done. Now I want to lose 20 more....ideally by DD2's bday (2/27) but that is a bit of a tight squeeze so I will be ok with 15 by then and the last 5 before the spring.....

    Viva low carb!

    ETA: My weight loss ticker only reflects when I started dieting. It doesn't include the immediate post-baby weight loss. I should probably add that in but I don't feel like I had to work for that. It just came off. Once it stopped was when I started to work at it.....
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