So I did a pregnancy test a week ago and it came out positive so I went to the doctor and they did blood but telling me it is still early cause I was 4 weeks preg. Well they sent me for a ultra sound and the women who did it told me it was still early for me to go and did not under stand why my doctor was sending me early so she told me everything looked normal the machine can only read 5 weeks and over and she thought I was entering my 4th week….
She was so nice she told me what I should feel cramping and sore boobs and she told me not to worry that with all 4 of her kids she was late conceiving so for me not to worry the sack looks good so I left there feeling good thinking its early still and the doctor will have me do another blood work this week to check the hcg levels because they called me on Monday and told me that they were low and I have to re do it …
So an hour ago my doctor calls me tells me she wants me to do everything again cause she thinks I miscarried im dying I don’t feel like I did and can she had made a mistake on it

What do I do I need support sitting at my desk at work in tears and no one in my family knows except my husband and im trying to think positive cause I think they might have miss calculated on how many weeks I am