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    What would you do if you have two 2.5 yo's who have had 101 fevers since Mon. One lacks appetite and both are telling me they are sick and coughing but no other clear cut symptoms. Also I have my brother, SIL & and their 7 yo & 9 yo arriving on sat to start their 2 week trip for the holidays. I really don't want to ruin their trip, they start driving here on fri.
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    Sounds like a pedi visit may be in order. I'd want them to check ears and listen to chests.

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    Agreed...time for the ped. They can check them over really well and make sure all is ok!
    Good luck!

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    If it wasnt so close to the holidays I'd wait and see, but bc Christmas is around the corner I'd bring them in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonsouthernbell View Post
    If it wasnt so close to the holidays I'd wait and see, but bc Christmas is around the corner I'd bring them in.
    Yup, this. It doesn't sound like enough for me to take them in, but it would really suck to end up in the ER or something because your doc can't see you on Christmas day!!

    Hope they feel better soon and your Christmas is unaffected!

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    We're going in this am- even tho it doesn't seem serious, I will feel better having checked their ears etc. It's amazing how this always happens when we have visits planned!
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    I would do the same thing. My 3 year old had a fever last weekend and had it for about 48 hours. I did not take her in but if it would have lasted longer or been closer to our trip this weekend I would have. Hope they feel better soon!
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    so Monday through Thursday...I would bring them in now....although it's a tough call becuase nasty viruses are going around right now...

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    The trip was worth it, Z has a bad ear infection.
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    I was going to say go in because ear infections don't always display other symptoms... and they are not contagious per my pedi! Hopefully they will feel better quickly!
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