my girlfriend's last 2 periods have been regular to exact date and time.But the first one was too short and the second was too light. It's been 8 weeks since I didn't pull it out. We also did it on the "safe days".
Her nipples were sore for a couple days then it went away and now they are ok. She also had headaches and felt nausea for a couple days.
I made her take 2 urine tests (one is 3 weeks ago one is last week) from different brands and they both were negative.
I keep asking her to go to doctor but she doesn't wanna do that. She says I am too paranoid and she has been pregnant three times and doesn't feel like pregnant at all.

Do you personally think she could be pregnant? I am trying to make myself think she can't be but at the same time I can't let go off the idea. Thanks for listening!