Well, my girlfriend and I are pregnant again, technically she's the one who is but you get it. This is the second time she has been pregnant, back in October 12' we found out she was pregnant only to have a miscarriage a week later. After some recovery time, we found out today (December 18th) that she is pregnant yet again. This time around, unfortunately there are more problems.

Before I go into detail, here is some important info.
  • First day of her last period - November 16th
  • Her cycle is usually 28 days
  • She was suppose to start her period on December 14th
  • December 18th - Went to doctor and had a + test

Like mentioned above, we went to the doctor on December 18th and she took a + pregnancy test. The doctor also did and early ultra sound and said that "The placenta had not completely attached to her uterus."

Can someone with knowledge of this please explain this better to me as to why this would happen.

She has had very light bleeding but the doctor said that was from when it had partially attached.