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    So AF is now 2 days late. Over the past few weeks I have had some symptoms that may be pregnancy related. I've noticed some extreme mood swings and lately I want nothing more than to be left alone, especially come bed time. Normally I don't mind DH being near me but lately I just want my side of the bed to myself. I have had some abdominal pain, but that could be exercise related. I randomly check my cervix and today I noticed that it is extremely high. I can normally reach it well and today I can barely get to it with the tips of my fingers. The cervix tip is a bit softer than it was yesterday, even raised since yesterday, and there is this thick, creamy CM. Not like O CM, this stuff isn't stringy or clear, just thick and creamy. The day AF was suppose to show I got a BFN so I am wondering if I am just not high enough hcg. Normally my cycle is 26 to 29 days with it being 34 days once in the past few months. I'm just annoyed and baffled and yet there is no one that I can really talk to. Thanks for listening.

    Another thing that I forgot is extreme fatigue. I can lay down for a nap and sleep for hours and I always feel exhausted. I don't feel like I am under any more stress than normal. And when I was pregnant with DS I didn't mind the taste of peanut butter, which I hated even the smell of beforehand. Yesterday I tasted some and it tasted good. I haven't wanted peanut butter since DS was born 4 yrs ago but can stand the smell of it.
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    Ask your doctor for a blood test.

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