So Leo has been talking a lot about god lately. No biggie I knew it would come up eventually. Six year olds can be stubborn, easily influenced, or both. Well he's both. Started with being easily influenced and now he's stubborn. He believes and knows that there is a god. Okay fine. It can't hurt right?? I was just wondering where the idea of god and heaven and the "h" word (as he calls it) came into his little head from. Well finally he comes out and says that he believes in god because Ms. Yu told him about it. So I ask him what he means and he says that she told him (and the class) that god is always watching you and will always take care of you. If you're good then you go to heaven but if not then you go to another place. A bad place that starts with the letter H.

I'm kinda bummed. I knew that he'd learn about this stuff from movies, tv shows, other family members and especially friends, but his first grade teacher?? I mean sure his kinder teacher (last year) mentioned her dad was in heaven when one of the kids asked about him, but that didn't really bother me. What would you do if you were in my shoes?? Do I just talk to him about what he thinks here at home, or talk with her about how much she says in the classroom?? The "evil" in me wants to say, "See there is a hell be a good boy." I'm totally kidding.