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    Question More HCG questions...

    So I have posted a couple of times about my current confusing situation... but here it is again:

    I had a miscarriage 7 weeks ago at 5-6 weeks (they weren't sure but it was too early to see anything on u/s). I bled for about 4 days. Roughly 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped, I took a HPT that came back negative. However, I never had my blood work done to officially monitor the levels.

    Two nights ago, I took a HPT again because I had symptoms similar to what I experienced prior to the last pregnancy, and it came back positive. I had my levels drawn yesterday, and my HCG is 290, progesterone 13.5. The nurse said they were still unsure about whether these were old levels still declining, or levels from a new pregnancy that were beginning to rise.

    I am having my blood drawn again tomorrow to see if they are rising, and I know I won't know anything until then, but I am kind of freaking out and wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything similar or has any kind of insight into the situation. Is it possible that this is a new pregnancy? I never had a period after I miscarried. If it is a new pregnancy, do these numbers seem low? I am so conflicted and confused about what to think, and so worried about going through another miscarriage.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    it is either that your levels have not returned to normal after the miscarriage, or a new pregnancy. If it is a new pregnancy the levels mean absolutely nothing until you have a second (and sometimes a 3rd) draw to compare the numbers. Since you did have a negative test in there it seems likely that it is a new pregnancy. Good luck!

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    Since you did have a negative HPT in between is does seem more likely its a new pregnancy, but the only way to find out for sure is to see if your levels increase. Last December I had a miscarriage at around 5 weeks and then got pregnant again immediately after. I had a normal, healthy pregnancy and my son is now almost 3 months old. Best of luck!
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