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Thread: I really need someones opinion asap.

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    Exclamation I really need someones opinion asap.

    I really want someones honest opinion, I am curious whether these are early pregnancy symptoms but I don't know forsure if they are just signs of something else. I've been in a on & off relationship for about 2 and a half years now, about 5-6 months ago I completely stopped all BC because I thought it was over. We would see eachother to do what we do, but we used condoms. The last month we've been having intercourse unprotected (which is dumb for me to do.. I know) but I feel a little different than usual, I've had acouple pregnancy scares before. But this time it's different. I'm a little early, and my next period should be coming on the 21st which is this friday, and if it's late I'm forsure going to take a test. Also be honest if you all think it's inside my head!

    My symptoms are:
    • Nausea throughout the day, I also get very lightheaded sometimes, (lately i've been more nauseas than ever, but not too much to throw up everything I've eaten. Almost close to vomitting everything during a family party yesterday)
    • Breasts are tender, way different than how it is before I start my period. my areolas are hella dark, and acouple days ago it was way too much that I could not help but cry during a car ride home.
    • Cravings (Peanut butter+coffee, Bananas, Pickles, Relish, Jalepenos)
    • Cramping lower right abdomen/I feel a little pulsing in my abdomen as well
    • Lower backaches
    • Very severe headaches, And they are really bad.
    • Constipation/Gas
    • I'm kind of forgetful
    • Very emotional/moody, (I've gotten more irritated easily, angry, and emotional when someone says the smallest thing which is unsual for me)

    Please someone help me figure things out. I'm keeping this stuff as confidential as I can for now, I'm not going to tell friends nor family until I know forsure if my periods coming or not.

    P.s, I took a ovulation calculator thing online, it said 2 days after I had intercourse was my ovulation date. So basically I had intercourse during my fertile days, I also had intercourse a week exactly after that.
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