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    My DS likes to hold off as long as he can until he has a bowel movement. It's anywhere from 1 - 2 weeks. The last couple of weeks he's been like clock work and has a BM on Saturday morning. This time he didn't. He has yet to have one and has a lot of stinky gas. Is this normal? Or maybe ok? The pedi wasn't a fan of it, but I thought I read that BF babies can go two weeks without having a BM. Is that true? I'm not complaining if that's ok! Less dirty diapers!

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    My DD would sometimes go a little past a week and the doctor said that was fine. We could try an ounce of apple juice if we wanted but I think she was a bit older than your ds. Is he straining? If not I wouldn't really worry.
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    He doesn't seem to be straining. If he does strain a little its when he's pushing gas out. I think you're right, we shouldn't worry about it. It's soft when he does pass it and he never seems cranky because of it. I'll take less dirty diapers any day!! Haha. Thank you!

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    i wouldn't worry unless baby is in pain, struggles to go and has rock hard pebble like poo.

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    He had a BM the other night. I was out running errands. DH said he became very quiet and then started smiling and cooing. No struggle or anything. I think maybe some of my breast milk is going more to his growth spurts right now.

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    I've never had a baby go as long as 2wks, but I have heard it was ok. When DD had an appointment around 3m she was going about a week inbetween and the dr said that was common with breastfed babies during a growth spurt, they use everything in the milk and there is less waste.

    As long as he's happy and not constipated I wouldn't worry. Dd did get fussy and wouldn't eat a few times when she had gone a long time. I would massage her tummy and bicycle her legs to help move things along. I've had friends who used the Q-Tip method, just out some vasoline (ky, etc) on a q-tip and put it in their rectum. I never felt like any of mine were in enough distress to warrant that!

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    My son waits two days but seems in pain his poop is still runny but he gets so fussy to the point he won't stop crying and all he wants to do is nurse

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