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Thread: What bottles to get?

  1. Question What bottles to get?

    I'm pregnant with my second child, and am working on getting supplies for feeding. I breastfed by DS until after age 2, and plan on doing the same with this child, but will need to pump bottles for when I return to work at about 12 weeks.

    For my first DS, I used the Born Free brand, but I never was too happy with them because of all of the parts - and he would never really drink from them, and would just feed all night and go all day without eating. I would like to get a bottle that complements my BF plans, but doesn't have that many parts, and hopefully will mimic BF as much as possible.

    I am looking at Avent or Tommee Tippee based on reviews, but I have no experience with either, and would love to get feedback from you guys as to what you are using for those that are pumping and bottlefeeding when away from your little one, but am BF while you are together.


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    I had the Tommee Tippee and was not a huge fan. The slow flow nipple was way too fast, and the bottles were a pain to wash. We switched to the playtex drop ins. The nipple is MUCH slower, and although I feel guilty over it being partially disposable, the liners are recyclable which eases the guilt a bit. I highly recommend them.
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    I had a Medela PIS and loved the Medela bottles because you could pump directly in to them. Very easy!

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    I second the playtex drop ins. I felt guilty about the waste, but all 4 of my kids have preferred them. I used Avent with DD1 also and she liked them. DS only had the drop ins. DD2 used drop ins and Soothies since I didn't want all the waste. This time I'm not working so DD3 uses drop ins since I don't mind the waste of one liner a week. The only thing I don't like about the drop ins is that the small size is 4oz (maybe 4.5 to the brim) and eventually my kids wanted 5oz but I hate how big the larger dropins are. I loved that the Soothies are available in 5oz bottles so they worked the whole time. Your best bet is to get several kinds to try out since babies often have their own opinion. Oh, I tried the Breastflow and DD2 wasn't a fan and they have extra parts.
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    I agree with the drop ins as well

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    We also used the drop ins. The Medela nipples were too fast in the beginning IMO. We also used Avent for awhile and those weren't too bad. But the drop ins were the best for us.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I actually hadn't even thought to look at the drop-ins. Off to check them out now.

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    I use drop ins and I did use the newer Avent natural bottles too. I liked them. DS will drink from anything, he's not picky at all, and still goes easily back to breast. We also use the medela bottles on occasion, and I have a few ventaire bottles, but they have parts too, so I don't tend to use them as much. I feel no guilt about the drop ins, that's the least of our wasting at this house.
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    first years breast flow. ds had nipple confusion and prefered the playtex drop ins but would then refuse to nurse.... till i tried the breastflow. dd never really took a bottle (never needed to try... but @5 mo she would take water from the breastflow and at 6 months we drop the bottle and start sippy cups and regular cups.)

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