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    Question Could I be pregnant?

    So I have no idea whether or not I'm pregnant. First I'll start with the fact that I'm 21 and not TTC. I'm on birth control and have always had very regular periods. This month though I took 2 rounds of antibiotics so I don't think it protected me at all. I ovulated on November 25th. I had sex twice during my fertile period; with one being early on the 25th. Then on the 4th (9dpo) I started having light cramps. They didn't last very long so I thought nothing of it until the next time I went to the restroom. I was spotting pinkish red. It ended up getting a little heavier but WAY lighter than a normal period for me (on or off BC). The blood went from pinkish red to dark red/brown and lasted for about 3 days. No mood swings, cravings, or any of my usual PMS symptoms.
    AF was due on the 9th but is a complete no show. AF should've ended two days ago but still no sign of her. For the past week or so I've had to use the bathroom a LOT more often than usual. I am a little bloated and I keep getting these sharp twinges of pain in my lower abdomen. I've also gotten almost period like cramps that keep making me think that AF finally came but no... I've also been tired but for the life of me can't fall asleep until around 6 or 7am.

    I'm very confused and nervous about this all. AF is never late and with the two rounds of antibiotics I'm really afraid that I may be pregnant. I took a test this morning and got a BFN but still no AF. I don't know if the bleeding I had was a really light, early period or if it was implantation bleeding. Any opinions please?

    EDIT: Sorry if TMI but after I posted this I had a change in my cm. I had been having just a bit of wet, white cm which is weird for me because I almost never have any. It's now changed to a very thick, almost snot like, sticky clearish discharge with a yellow tinge. Even when I ovulate it is much much thinner and stringier than this.
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