So, we are slowly ridding our house of upholstered furniture. We cannot offord the non-toxic, organic couches, so we are opting for a solid wood, modern looking daybed with a mattress with wool as a flame retardant and lots of pillows. I would like to get 2 papasan chairs, but DH thinks i am goin gtoo far. He is all for getting rid of manufactured wood, toxic sofas/chairs, but he hates the look of wicker and rattan and the only chairs I can find that are not upholstered are those, or wooden dining room chairs. I need something for my living room. And, we dont want it to look like a dorm. It is our most formal room - not tat is is very formal - but the most ofrmal one in our house. I did get an idea from a pic to pray paint the fram with low voc spray paint and it looked kinda cool. Help! Thoughts? Is a papsan chair too 19-year old dorm looking? (Hint: dh says yes and I say that I want to say NO but feel sort of yes, too.)