My last period was on 11/15/12 and for the last few weeks I have been having some symptoms. My breasts are super tender putting a bra on hurts, I have to pee every hour and bloating. I have headaches, some cramping, discharge; certain smells make me want to vomit like meat cooking and raw seafood. I want ranch, bacon and chocolate don't know why but I do. I canít stand eggs, broccoli, and powder coffee creamer (which normally doesnít bother me). I am nausea all day long. I get dizzy and lightheaded throughout the day. I am tried all day long and need a nap by lunch time. I have been having mood swings that are bad I go from happy to mad to crying. My period was supposed to start on the 12/09/12 but it didnít. I did take an hpt yesterday and it came back negative. I did call my doctorís office they are going to call me back to set up a time to draw some blood. I know my body when my period is suppose to start I get some cramping two days before it starts and I am wondering if I am pregnant or not. My job tends to get stressful but this is the 1st time these symptoms have ever shown up at the same time. Normally when I get too stress out I go from a tension headache to a migraine. Thanks for the help.