So Olivia started saying the reason she can't sleep sometimes is b/c her heart is beating fast. She told her dad that the other night when it was taking him hours to put her to sleep (she did take a three-hour nap that day so I'm not surprised it took hours to put her down). I asked her about it the next day and she said, "Well, mom, sometimes my heart beats fast and I can't get sleep, but when it doesn't beat fast I get some sleep." She also told our babysitter (I think during a nap) this.

And then this morning at 7, she was sitting up in bed, and I woke up and asked how she was and she said her heart was beating fast. Then a few minutes later she said she was fine and it's been fine the rest of the day.

She only seems to mention this around sleep?

I put a call in to our pediatrician.