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    Default OT- Papasan chair question

    FYI - I x-posted this b/c I am desperate!

    So, we are slowly ridding our house of upholstered furniture. We cannot offord the non-toxic, delightfully beautiful and modern looking organic couches, so we are opting for a solid wood, modern looking daybed with a mattress with wool as a flame retardant and lots of pillows. I would like to get 2 papasan chairs, but DH thinks i am going too far. He is all for getting rid of manufactured wood, toxic sofas/chairs, but he hates the look of wicker and rattan and the only chairs I can find that are not upholstered are those, or wooden dining room chairs. I need something for my living room. And, we dont want it to look like a dorm. It is our most formal room - not that is is very formal - but the most ofrmal one in our house. I did get an idea from a pic to spray paint the fram with low voc spray paint and it looked kinda cool. Help! Thoughts? Is a papsan chair too 19-year-old-dorm looking? (Hint: dh says yes and I say that I want to say NO but feel sort of yes, too.) Full disclosure - we ordered an organic mattress and solid wood futon frame for the rec room and no one is super please. The mattress slides all the dang time. So, the familyis already a little leery of my choices... Help! What do youthink?

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    Eh, a papasan chair wouldn't bother me. But I'm not interior designer and you know that walking into my house. Health and function are top priority, not style!

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    I googled and yeah, it's definitely not formal at all. The ones on Pier 1 Imports look a little dressy, but I doubt they would meet whatever code you have for being "non-toxic" since the rattan is also stained and lacquered. Have you had some issue with the upholstered furniture that you have? I guess I don't understand the comments about toxic furniture, etc.
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    If you do a quick google search you will see that upholstered furniture is laden with toxic chemicals. This is of importance to us, but not everyone - which is cool. I am not trying to sway anyone into going couchless or anything - I just wanted to know about the looks of the papsan. I was able to find a papasan base that comes unfinished and a cushion that is not made out of foam or contain chemicals as the fire retardant. But, my biggest question is will it look "doorm-y." But, I basically knew the answer already. I was just hoping someoe would say somehting liek "Oh, no. You can dress that thing up and make it look super cool." But, since I am not an interior designer, I dont know how, or if it is even possible. Augh!

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    Unfortunately the look of a papsan chair is informal. My personal opinion is that you could not make the chair formal even if you were to use different type more of a casual look.

    Have you look in to see design ideas?...i mean i not an interior designer and would say i am very design challenged but I think that site is all about decoration so you may be able to get some ideas that fit what you are trying to accomplish.

    Good luck

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    While I would agree that papasan chairs are informal, I would not go so far as to say "dormy" unless they're the fold-up ones that are meant to be carted back and forth between home and the dorm. I love the look of papasan chairs, actually. IMO they lend comfortable seating without the drudgery of sofas and armchairs. And while more causal, if the decor of the room goes with them but maybe is a bit more mature-not neccessarily formal-I think it can look fine.

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    I love papasan chairs! But I'm gradually working our decor to a more warm, earthy look so maybe that's why they appeal to me :-)

    Instead of dressing up the papasan chairs you could go for an organic or asian-inspired look in whatever room they'll be in ?

    If you add wooden or metal L-brackets ( ) to the front of your futon the mattress won't slide off :-)
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    Yes, dorm look, definitely! DH and I had one when we first got married. Cast off from his aunt who was replacing her college furniture. but, if it suits your needs, go for it.

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