I'm lactating, exhausted all the time, bloating (which never happens) crampy feeling/constipation, headaches have increased, and my moods are starting to swing again (I'm a sufferer of Bipolar). My hpt was negative, but my doc says I need to come in for a blood test because my meds can mess with the results of the hpt. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of my mania is an extremely intense sex drive. Great fun while it lasts, not so fun when I have to get checked for pregnancy. I can't take birth control on my medications, and I'm usually careful (which is saying something during a manic phase), but I guess stuff happens, doesn't it? And so now I am going through the process of finding out. I'm 21, and I'm terrified. If I am, I know exactly who the father is, but I know he'd just want me to get an abortion or put it up for adoption, neither of which I'm Ok with and one that I definitely won't do. I have a job that I love, but it pays horribly. I just need some support right now, I've always been wary of getting pregnant period. I don't want any child to have the disorder I have, it's such a severe form that I can't help but be scared about that possibility.