I'm currently 14dpo and not testing until Friday, but I have that feeling that I am pregnant.
What do you think? Here are my symptoms:
Sore as the ****ens (.)(.)....especially on the outside...and they been sore since a little after I ovulated.
light spotting 7-8dpo (barely noticeable and only when I wiped)
constant dull aching in my uterus and lower back same time as when I spotted as well as occasional mild cramping.
hitting a wall (fatigue) around noon-afternoon...and I mean fall on the couch and get weak kind of fatigue
mild unsettled stomach around bedtime
occasional uterine cramps that I feel from my uterus to my vagina. (sometimes).

I know this all sounds like textbook symptoms but its driving me crazy and I don't want to test before its time. I'm so close but yet so far! If its a BFN I'm throwing in the towel! Lol