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    Ok so this had been a weird cycle this month. For starters I usually get my af around every 15 to 19 days and I went to cd32. First I started spotting for two days, on the third day I got a light af for 4 days then spotting the 5th day then it stopped. I usually get it for 7 days. And they say after your af your cm dries up but mine hasn't. Its still creamy our watery maybe.. Idk.. My boobs were very tender last night. I took a test and got bfn. I don't understand whats going on. any similar stories?

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    My cycle is all over the place when I'm not on BC. It confuses me and there's not much consistency from one month to the next, so I understand your frustration. Sounds like maybe you just had an out of whack month?
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