I posted in the family partnership meeting thread too but I wasn't sure if anyone would see it and we got some sort of new info since then too.

Well, first thing first, the meeting went very well. It was a very kind and warm environment and I think it helped everyone involved. We got to meet baby girl's GAL who is a very very nice man and who has a history with this family and the other children involved so he knows how this mom usually handles things. She has other kids that she does not have. A 12 year old who must have been adopted or something. She doesn't really see him anymore. She has a 2 year old who I guess is in care of some type. She used to have overnight visits with him but they were suspended when she lived in a bad environment and she just got visitation back with him again. She also mentioned that she's lived in her new situation for about 2 weeks which so far is better, but from what we gathered (and we aren't completely sure) the person she lives with is who filed the petition. They told us single woman who wasn't a blood relative and she's living with a single woman who isn't a blood relative. I guess she's her aunt or something but not related by blood, it's confusing. So I guess if she's living with her the woman isn't likely to get custody of baby girl. Mom could move out but even still I'm not sure. This woman is one of the only people who will help her and support, make sure she takes her meds and stuff, so that makes me think they may say there's too much contact there. She's going to get more visitation for Christmas but she still isn't allowed to have any unsupervised visits so...we've felt a little better realizing that more than likely the petition won't go through, at least not right now. Of course, we haven't written it off yet because it's just a hunch and you never know. Also, seems there's very little family at all as birth mom wasn't even raised by her parents so...it's a sad situation.

The adjudicatory court hearing was supposed to be Tuesday and I called our SW today to see how that went and was told that court was continued until Monday because CFS needed more time. Anyone knows if that's a good thing or a bad thing? I just assumed it was neither and that it just happens sometimes. I do know at the meeting on Monday that there was a representative of some kind there that had literally just found out about the case and had no info on it at all so I think that could have something to do with it. There was another party involved at the last minute for some reason or other...I wasn't clear on all of that but it's all lawyers and advocates and stuff. I also don't think birth mom has a lawyer since there wasn't one at the meeting but maybe they just didn't go if they're court appointed...I don't know.

Anyway, we're pretty sure now she'll be here for Christmas at least, and they've given us the impression she'll be here for a while. We realize things could change at any moment so we're definitely nervous to hear what happens at court Monday and we're aware that even if the petition doesn't go through, she could petition again or someone else could petition. I know there are no guarantees in this world, but we did feel better after the meeting. Mom thanked us again at visitation this week for all we've done and said knowing she's safe and we're taking such good care of her means a lot to her. Next week I'm taking baby girl in her Christmas outfit and I'm going to get some pics of her and birth mom and print them out for birth mom. So we're still taking it one day at a time but as of today, things seem to be okay, and baby girl is doing wonderfully and that's the most important part.