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    Hi everybody out der...

    Just need some help.. I have cycles of 28-29 days.. Me n DH started TTC from September.

    I have EWCM around day 11-15. Since we started TTc if I have sex during the fertile time EWCM doesnt appear as it does during the normal times. I always had EWCM even now have it when we dont BD around that time but if we BD then just some light white flow will be there not as clear as EWCM. Why does it not appear when we BD?

    Last 2months we BD after I saw my EWCM, but didnt concieve. This time I read a article which said while TTC we should start BD 2days before Ovulation. So we did start it soon, but my concern is that I dont see any EWCM now. After we BD at night, in the morning there is only cloudy white stains which may be my DH's serum too. I just wanna ask if EWCM does appear after sex during 'O' time or not.


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    I would like to know the answer to this question too. I am so confused about CM!!
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    I have had this happen too and don't understand it. Haven't been able to find any answers either. Hope you find something to calm any nerves.

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    No.. Didnt get any answer.. :'(

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    After dtd it can be easy to confuse ewcm and semen. When/where do you see the ewcm? I would only see mine up to a few times on a day, typically I wouldn't see it for multiple days if I relied on what I saw in my panties/on the tp after using the bathroom. After reading the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility I have started to check mine internally. Watery/slippery (not eggwhite slippery) CM is also considered fertile too. Do you temp or anything? I didn't think I could do it, but once I tried it I really do like it. I'm only on my 3rd month doing it (and the first month I had a really screwed up cycle) and I can see a pattern from one cycle to the next. There is alot of good information in the book I mentioned, I highly recommend it. Hope I've been able to help in some way.

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