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    Is when your child climbs in bed and digs his elbow (unknowingly) into them. He was nearly in tears after I yelped! The poor kid...if only he knew!

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    Granted, the little guy was only trying to give me a hug, bless his heart. But oooohhhhh!

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    I know exactly what you mean. My dd still sleeps with me and every morning she leans over me to swap out her "night-night" paci with her regular one and digs those pointy little elbows in mine every.single.time. OUCH!!!
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    Well, I'm completely flat chested so I wouldn't know what that feels like! However, Particularly my son is always climbing all over me and is the opposite of gentle. Seems like he jabs feet and arms and elbows into me all the time and it def hurts!
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