My story
I started my period when I was 14. I have always had irregular periods. I usually get 3 to 4 periods a year. I didnt think any thing of it in the beginning, I knew it wasnt right because my sister had hers every month. When I was 17 I moved far from my hometown . So in doing so i recieved a new doctor, a doctor I wasnt fond of. I live in Canada and Doctors here are all about getting you in and getting you out, they dont seem to want to take the time to listen to you. When I was 22 I got engaged . We werent looking into starting a family then but I knew I had to start looking into my problem with irregular periods so that when the time came to start a family we could. I asked my doctor about my irregular periods, and her reaction was like " you dont get your period everymonth?" as if she had never heard of irregular periods. Right then I knew I was talking to the wrong Dr, but there are not enough doctors around to just switch. No other doctor will take you on if you already have a family doctor. So anyways, when I told her about my irregular periods she told me to go on the pill for three months and that will work. I was so happy that that was all it was going to take, oh how niave I was. That most definately did not work, when I stopped after three months it took me 6 months to get my period back . I went back into see her and she sent me to a gyno.The gyno checked me over and said everything was fine, he had the same solution (the pill) only he stuck me on a different brand and said this will work. So I took it for three months. When I stopped them it took me 9 months to get my period back again.

I started looking information up on the internet because the doctor didnt help me. I found PCOS and was like "OMG that is so me". I went to my doctor with this PCOS information. I told her that I had two whiskers on my face and some on my chest, she told me that it's normal, some women have it and its nothing to be concerned about. She decided to test my hormones and I had an MRI done to see for Cycts or what ever they look for with PCOS. MY blood work came back perfect and the MRI results were perect. I was excited because I figured they couldnt be wrong with tests. My doctor wanted me to try BC again and i said no, we wanted to start TTC.

We have been trying for just over a year with no luck. I do OPTs around the time I feel I am ovulating, I get positives. I dont get pregnant and my period doesnt come. If you ovulate, im pretty certian it should be followed by a period if you are not pregnant.

I went back to my doctor last month to tell her I have been trying for over a year and I still feel like I have PCOS, she did more blood work and all came back perfect. I told her I get positive OPTs but then wont get my period...she told me that I Ovulate every 4 weeks whether I get my period or not. When she told me that I was so excited, she is a doctor and she should know right. NOT! I went home and looked a lot of stuff up on the internet about ovulating and then not getting your period, and every site is saying if you absolutely ovulating it is always followed by a period, which means i am NOT ovulating every 4 weeks like she said. I know I need a second opinion and I hope I can find a doctor who will give it to me. I am going to get my doctor to refer me to my gyno and I am going to demand him treat me with PCOS, yes my hormone levels are good but nothing else is. I really do feel like I have PCOS

treating myself, please do not judge.
When looking up info on PCOS it said a lot of people with PCOS are on metformine, when I seen this I jumped for joy. My DH is diebetic, and he is on Metformine, he is perscribed three pills a day but only takes two becasue he only eats two big meals a day. So last month I started taking one 500mg of metformine a day, three days later i ovulated: or so the OPTs said so...19 days later AF came! I do not know if this was coincidence or not but I was super happy. I continued and still am taking one pill a day, I want to see if it comes this month as well, if it does then last month was not coincidence and I will continue to take it until my gyno percribes me some of that stuff!

Has any one else had a hard time with being Dx with PCOS and if so I would love to hear your story!