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Thread: Any current mommies care to help?

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    Red face Any current mommies care to help?

    Since I'm new here I thought I'd give a list of my "symptoms" and get your opinions on them. I've done about as much research as Google will allow and still haven't gotten straight answers on some things. I guess mostly what I want to know is what symptoms did you have and when did they start?

    Last known period: Oct 15-20 (I don't chart anymore, it was driving me crazy. By 'known' I mean the last I remember having)

    Nausea at night from Dec 6-10
    Increased appetite (I had 2 servings for dinner and I'm starving again)
    My nipples were painful to touch for 3 days before my breasts started hurting (Dec. 5-7, current) they are still sore.
    I've dreamed about food, Krispy Kreme donuts to be exact, multiple times over the last week and a half
    I've also felt really warm though my temperature is only 98.4 (my pre-O temps are around 97.8)

    I cramped yesterday for about 10 minutes and thought for sure I was going to start last night but it stopped and hasn't happened since.

    I've had a few head-aches and heartburn but that's not uncommon for me.

    I tested Monday night and it was negative. I probably botched it by drinking a ton of water before-hand (I've been extra thirsty but I don't think that means anything other than dehydration).
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