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Thread: Zero to egg white?

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    Default Zero to egg white?

    For those who monitor their CM, does anyone else have mostly egg whitish CM whenever they have CM? I have always kind of payed attention to my CM...but now that I know that it can tell me when I'm fertile, I am really paying attention! From past experience and paying serious attention this month, I went from none to egg white. OPK seems negative, I am having a hard time reading those things.

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    I have nothing, EWCM, then nothing again.

    My EWCM always has a weird greenish/yellowish tinge to it, no clue if that's normal.

    And I get EWCM as early as 4 days pre-O and have it up to 2 days after O. Good luck!
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    My experience is the same. I have a hard time finding the difference between my CM, it seems to me that mine is goes from nothing to EWCM to nothing. I cant see a difference.

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    I have to check CM internally. I realized once I started doing it that way that I was probably missing some. I would only have it on the tp a few times in one day when I wiped, but since I started checking internally I am finding that I have multiple days of it. Hope this helps and it wasn't TMI!

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